Endowment Funds

What we do – and what more we strive to do for this region and the nation – comes from resources and expertise that only decades of work and service produce. At 75, we are a mature institution, positioned to do far more for our visitors, for school children and teachers, and for organizations throughout the Sonoran region that share our goals and our values.

Not unlike America’s best colleges and universities, top museums and performing arts organizations, and acclaimed medical research centers, public gardens like ours are permanent resources for the good of society, regionally and nationally. Like other established and forward looking institutions, the Desert Botanical Garden requires permanent, invested funds to support not only basic operations of its day-to-day mission but also additions to infrastructure and human talent to achieve far more in the coming decades. Permanent, invested endowment funds, in combination with ongoing annual support and targeted gifts for new ventures, will provide a balanced income stream to ensure continued operations and maximum productivity in both challenging and healthy economic times.