The Saguaro Initiative

Celebrate the Past. Shape the Future.

The Saguaro

Each May the saguaro blooms, producing hundreds of fruit. Each fruit contains thousands of seeds. Against all odds one of those seeds, landing in just the right place at precisely the right time, will germinate and take root. At first the tiny saguaro will grow slowly, gaining momentum with time. It will survive droughts. It will endure scorching heat and sun, taking sustenance without wilting. Over decades, it will bear witness to a multitude of changes that occur around it, all the while following the rhythm of its own life cycle. In 75 years it will have achieved full maturity, and the process of spreading seed and beginning life will start anew.

The Saguaro Initiative

Honoring the majestic saguaro, the Garden has published and appropriately named its plan for the future The Saguaro Initiative. As the Desert Botanical Garden begins its second seventy-five year cycle, it is time to renew our dreams and reaffirm our commitment to the Garden’s future. Our goal is to invest in the Garden as a research institution, to take a stronger, regional leadership role in conservation, and to create exciting educational programming and exhibits that inform and inspire.

Our founders’ dream was remarkable for its time, forward-thinking and far-reaching. We trust history will judge our vision to be equally compelling.